Every one of us was born to create and to serve in some way.  The trick is to find that purpose.  In the Bhagavad Gita this “purpose” is referred to as our Dharma.  Each one of us has something that we have been gifted with.  We are given talents that we can use to facilitate or create something that needs to be done in our life time.  As children nothing inhibits this drive to fulfill our destiny.  As we grow up, these gifts are often taken for granted and pushed to the background of our lives not being recognized for what they truly are.  

What are the gifts that you possess that others have told you about or have admired in you?  What is that talent that you may not feel is really all that special?   This could be that life’s purpose that simply has been eluding us for any of a million reasons.  

The fact is that during the course of our lives, things happen.  Events and interactions occur that cause us to be or feel judged by either others or by ourselves.   The feeling of being judged will cause us to create false beliefs about who and what we are.  Most often rooted in fear, false beliefs often prevent us from pursuing the life that would fulfill the calling of our heart and soul.  We have a trick to get past this.  In order to feel satisfaction with who we are, we create ways of being to work around these judgements, we create a system of beliefs.  The beliefs that come from this are intended to protect our ego or to project an image of perfection to those around us.  These ways of being, or masks, allow us to get by in the world, forgetting or leaving our true gifts behind us.  The lives we lead while we are still unaware of our true selves can help us survive but often cause us to feel greatly unsatisfied.  It is by doing our work, looking at who we are behind our masks and beliefs, that we can open to our true calling.  We are still hungry for our our hearts desire, the song of our soul, and until it is reawakened we can wander through life not knowing why things just don’t feel right.  The practice of soul coaching is to help clients to find this song and learn to play the symphony that is deep within each of us.  

Have you ever wondered what you’re here to do?  Have you ever felt that there must be something more than this?  What is it that you have always wanted to have in your life?  Do you want to find out?