“There is no wifi in the forest but I promise you will find a better connection”

When I visualize the great trees establishing their reign over the landscape, my senses go to the place it all begins, in the depth of the roots.  Under the ground these first explorations of the earth begin setting the foundation of timeless giants.  Spreading wide and digging deep this groundwork secures the surrounding earth and discovers the source of nutrition to support the growth above.  Once this fundamental work is well underway the tree begins to truly shoot toward the sky.  We can revel in the vision of branches stretching to collect the life giving sunlight and ripple in the breeze.  Throughout the years of experience and life this tree will spread its boughs and provide a home and playground for thousands of other creatures to enjoy it’s space.  A tree shares everything.  It generously provides oxygen during the day for all the creatures of the world.  Hundreds of insects and small animals live within its branches and bark.  It’s fountainhead of roots provide nutrition and environment for insects and small underground animals while stabilizing the very earth surrounding it.  This whole while the tree becomes stronger and more expansive as it gives all that it has and all of what it produces to the world around it.  The more it gives and provides, the stronger it grows.  This natural law of reciprocity is played out in examples for everyone of us every day.  Who among us has not felt the joy of giving generously to a cause or another person in need?  The trees live this law and show us guidance in the ways of reciprocity.

As individuals we often feel as if we are unworthy of love and praise.  When others compliment us, we are quick to explain how “It’s really nothing special” or some other way to not accept their praise.  At the same time, many of us don’t want others to feel unappreciated.  We see the greatness in others and want them to know what we can see in them.  Knowing that the smile on a friends face will bring joy to our own heart often drives us to do whatever we can to cheer up others who are down.  In fact, one of the best ways to raise our own spirits, is to help someone else or encourage someone that we love.  Can you imagine what the world would be if we just encouraged and loved each other?  What a great practice it is to become aware of our own emotions… our own states of being.  

What joy could it bring you just realizing the effect your actions have on others?  This awareness of your power can change the world.  You have that kind of power if you just reach out and claim it.

This opening of the heart and awareness of our true self is what guides the philosophy of Silvertree Life Coaching.