What is it that will move my life forward in the direction that I desire?  Life is either the result of the actions spurred through the gifts and passions of my soul, or whatever happens to me while I sit through life watching it happen to me.  What do I want my life to be?  What will be my contribution to the world?  How do I put my dreams and hopes into an action to make them come true?  The center piece that will move me forward is to have clarity of purpose.  

All of us have a mission or a purpose we are housing in our soul.  This purpose is accentuated by the gifts that we have been given.   Most of us just don’t ever open to the discovery and realization of those gifts.  Can you imagine going through life wondering, “Is this it?”  As a result, many live a life that happens rather than creating the life we truly dream about. Henry David Thorou said “Most men live lives of quiet desperation”.  This isn’t how we were meant to go through life, we all have  the chance to wake up and listen to the song of our soul.   

My purpose is to help people develop a purposeful relationship with themselves and help them create better relationships throughout their lives.  I do this by utilizing the the tools and knowledge gathered over the last 25 years of self improvement and training as a soul coach and business developer.  I apply those tools to help clients dig into who they feel they are, who they think they are and finally who they really are.  

What are the events and feelings that have shaped you into the person you are projecting into the world.  There is a very old saying that says “We dont really know who we are but only who we have become”.  What do you think that can mean for you?   Silvertree Coaching creates a safe space for you to open up without judgement so you can feel welcome to open to everything that is within you.  I am a soul coach.  My work is to bring the discoveries of a lifetime to my clients and facilitate their personal discovery to see all that is within them.  Now is the best time to become your best self.