“She is coming soon”.  That was the conversation my fiance and I are having about our soon to be born daughter.  We are so excited to be having a baby girl and she will be here in the next 2 weeks.  I will be a father and have my very own princess to raise into a queen.  Our love is strong and our son Osian is becoming a wonderful young man looking forward to being a big brother.  

The last several months and even the whole year have been a lot of change and new things coming forth.  Melissa and I started our real estate business venture together and things beganon a strong note.  The pregnancy was a bit of a surprise but that is a blossoming joy and has been from the first moment.  I didn’t know I could feel such a feeling and it sprung from the moment she said “I’m pregnant”.  I couldn’t hold back the tears of joy and the world has not been the same since.  Along with that I am transitioning to life coaching from my family business in contracting and Melissa is opening a massage a nutrition business alongside of me.  It should not have been much of a surprise that we chose to make January 1, 2019 our wedding day as well.  A small intimate family event in our home, bring a dish to pass and we will all celebrate together.  The year of birth and new beginnings for our family.  

The last couple months has been focused on completing the 1700 square foot renovation and addition to our home.  The upstairs added two bedrooms, a master bath and a few closets above a garage, workshop area and a beautiful entryway.  A little contracting magic and in a few short months most of the final details were pulling together.  Osian and I laid the ceramic tiles down and grouted them over an electric heat mat to keep our toes toasty.  The soaker tub and vanity are going into place and then we will be getting the shower completed, another father son project for us to work on and learn together.  With the carpeting down, the last required detail of bedroom doors, to be arriving in the next few days will be fit into place soon.  The pace is furious but is forcing an efficiency that makes things seem almost easy.  The first week of January will be busy, this stuff needs to be completed sooner than seems possible.  No problem, all part of what life offers.  We are blessed and grateful.

Another major project for the year has been to set up and open the office I will be using as a life coach.  A little renovation of the bathroom and adding a room to see clients are changes that happened.  We repainted the whole interior and exterior of the house While finding a tenant for the apartment on the second floor.  Choices of decore and then setting up for clients to sit comfortably and feel safe was a joyful and fulfilling experience the we enjoyed together.  The first workshop in the new space will begin January of 2019.  A week after Melissa and my wedding and only two days before our daughter is due to arrive.  January will be a busy month, joyful events are in abundance.  

In all, Melissa and I are stuffing about 10 years of life into a 2 month period and are holding up pretty well.  I am excited to be with a woman who is running along side of me and willing to push for our best selves.  The addition of Claira May Farnell into our lives in January will be a crescendo that will be forever a pattern woven into the fabric of our family.