Hello, my name is Scott Farnell.  My conscious spiritual journey began when a significant crisis ran me off my carefully planned path. Although I had thought my life was on track and fulfilling, I saw that there was much I had missed in my roots while living in the branches of my life.  My life was all about external rewards, how I could grow my business and create worldly success. Through crisis I was opened to the reality that there was more that I was not aware of than I could have imagined. Fortunately, a good friend guided me to a place of solace and rich conduit for spiritual awakening was revealed through the practice of yoga and mindfulness meditation.   These disciplines, coupled with a passion for reading, have helped to facilitate a deep study and understanding of relationships, spiritual awakening, personal improvement and professional development. It is these experiences and understandings that I love to share with my clients.

Hello, my name is Scott Farnell.

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Client Testimonials

Coaching with Scott has helped my confidence levels grow immensely when it comes to running my own business as well as owning it at life. Scott has allowed my outlook to expand in many areas of life whether it be career, relationships or self-love. Beyond being a coach, Scott is a brilliant teacher who has shared many rich lessons with me that I have relied upon many times over now.
Holly Mihelic, Author, Life Coach
I met Scott in a very special environment: the Toastmaster club in Fenton where he has recently become the president after being an active and distinctive member. I’ve always been fascinated by how he could always be engaging and enlightening in the few minutes of his speeches on interesting topics.

He’s now my life coach and I spend pleasant and valuable time with him almost every Sunday. He’s able to help me having a clearer insight on the different topics I propose him: he’s a mine full of great contributions in personal development, business, physical and emotional fitness.

G.P. , Product Engineer
“Scott was both a patient and inspiring coach. As I entered into the unknown of Soul Coaching he immediately made me feel comfortable digging into the course work. I focused my energy and attention inward. As a result, I embraced the new discoveries of practical knowledge and applicable tools to be used in my most valuable relationships and professional pursuits. Thank you Scott! It’s a new, exciting and authentic me!”
Allison Dewindt

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